Do you love manually tracking everything in a spread sheet?

Nobody does. That’s why we made Chia Tracker.

  • Automatically track all of your XCH transactions, CATs, and NFTs.
  • Stay on top of your investments with customizable Email, Slack, Discord, or Generic Webhook alerts.
  • Keep things organized and save tons of time with automatic classification and one-click, approvals.
  • Integrate your Chia investment data anywhere with CSV exports of XCH, CAT, and NFT data
  • Automatically generate the exact form you need to file your taxes and stress less knowing that it’s calculated precisely.

What is Chia Tracker?

A Stress-Free Way To Track Your Chia

We take the busy work of investing in Chia. Simply connect your wallets and we’ll handle the rest. Need more? Leverage our notification platform to keep a tighter pulse on things and leverage our tax filing tools to save time and stress.

CAT and NFT Tracking and Alerts

The easiest part of doing your taxes

When tax season comes around, all you have to do is export your data. We do the math and pre-populate the form with the information you need to file.

Capital Gains Calculations

Calculate capital gains for XCH and NFT transactions, and export a CSV with all the calculation details.

It couldn’t be easier.



Connect your wallets by providing their public keys.



Review your transactions and monitor your balances.



Rest assured that if something changes, we’ll send you an alert as soon as we detect it.