Do you love manually tracking everything in a spread sheet?

Nobody does. That’s why we made Chia Tracker.

  • Automatically track all of your XCH transactions
  • Automatic classification for your transactions with easy, one-click, approvals.
  • Export a pre-filled 1040 schedule 1 to make filing your taxes infinitely easier.

What is Chia Tracker?

Stress Free Chia Tracking

We can quickly import standard XCH transactions from your wallets simply by using your public key. From there, we pull your transactions from the blockchain, lookup the market value based on the dates of the transactions, and create an easy queue for you to review and approve in a single click.

The easiest part of doing your taxes

When tax season comes around, all you have to do is export your data. We do the math and pre-populate the form with the information you need to file.

It couldn’t be easier.



Connect your wallets by providing their public keys.



Review your transactions and monitor your balances.



No more wrestling with spreadsheets and manual data entry… gross.